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Birds of a Feather

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

You’ve heard that saying right? “Birds of a feather flock together.” Meaning similar creatures will end up spending a lot of time together. Well, what if the feathers are all they have in common? What if all you have in common is you work together, or go to school together or you’re the same sex or race or gender? What do you do when you realize you’ve been ”flocked” with the wrong group? Now everyone thinks you belong together and you spend all your time with others that, for example, have no problem using your insecurities to fuel their pride, like I have clearly displayed in this painting. That is where this watercolorpainting gets personal for me. Unfortunately I have been in this position many times. The shy bird is much more elaborate & exotic to look at than the larger prideful bird exuding such power. You can tell if the little fellow just had some confidence in himself that he could out shine that other bird in a second with his personality alone. Well, the proud bird knows that too. That is why he is standing so tall… to overshadow something he knows he can‘t compete with. If he can just keep the little bird lost in his insecurities then he will never have to fight for the spotlight, or possibly lose it. Is it wrong? Yes, Does it happen? All the time. To some people being the best is more important that being compassionate. That is why you have to learn who truly belongs in your flock. Learn who will come down to that low place where everyone else has stuffed you and show you how to stand up straight & proud. Those are the ones who you belong with. And they wont always have the same color feathers.

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