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Color Psychology: PINK

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Pink. The color of femininity. It’s funny that the only image I could pull out of this abstract was a womans figure. The dark pink depicts the normal woman’s figure. Then in lighter pink it extends her breast & belly as if she has become pregnant. Her head is slightly turned away as if she is nothing more than her body. What a shameful thought. But quite a lot of society wants us to think just that. That we are nothing more than our body & a vessel for sex & pleasure. Well, for all the impressionable young ladies out there with a completely insufficient amount of stable adult guidance, I feel the need to say the following. You are so much more. Sex may be trendy and it might make you popular but if it’s just sex then when it’s over they leave… unless you’ve given them another reason to stay. And that hurts. Why? Because you are so much more. But they don’t know that because sex is all you gave them. Should men be held accountable for treating you bad? Sure. But they probably won’t. That is just life. Sometimes it’s unfair. But one thing is for certain. You can only control one thing in this life. And that is YOU. Be more. Be more than a woman. Be more than pretty. Be more than popular. Be more than sexy. Be more than good in bed. Be more than high. Be more than drunk. Be more than eye candy. Be all the other reasons they should stay…. Because then, even if they don’t, you’ll be happy with what’s left. #bemore

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