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Color Psychology: Purple

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

When I see the color purple I immediately think of three things. Villains, Wizards & Enlightenment. Comic books are notorious for donning their villains in purple clothing due to is association with mystery & unpredictable personality’s that are also calming. Think of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Do those traits not accurately describe her behavior for most of the film? What about Mr. Glass from Unbreakable? Wizards, on the other hand are often put in purple for different reasons. The color is also generally associated with power & magic when it comes to clothing. If found in interior design, purple is used to convey a sense of wealth, royalty, luxury & eliteness. Often high end shops use it to show off their antiques & fine silver. If purple is your favorite color it may convey that you are very intuitive & spiritual as it is used to represent the crown chakra in energy healing. This is the part that really connects to the art I created for this color. The crown chakra is most often represents states of higher consciousness, divine connection, thought, wisdom and is located at the top of your head. So the fact that the white light is coming from top center of the page falling on the subjects head is no coincidence. The subject that came forth while I was trying to connect with this color in my creation process is an owl with her wings spread open. If you look up the spiritual representation of an owl you will most likely find a message conveying “deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge” like it mentions in on the web. On it mentions an owl to represent “wisdom, insight, magic, and expanded awareness. You are highly connected to your intuitive sense and psychic power.” The fact that the owl is what presented itself in the focus of purple energy is not an accident. They both came forth because of their similar properties. It doesn’t matter whether you are focused on the energy of a person, place, or in this case, a color. Energy, unlike people, doesn’t lie. It will show you exactly what it is. As if that weren’t enough of a reason to link the two together in this digital artwork, if you look closer you may see an image of a Viking. He looks up at the face of the female owl from her belly, with a helmet with protruding horns, long mustache & pigtails hanging down both sides, on his chest. According to Viking Society Web publications, “The Katyogle (or owl) is consecrated to the goddess of wisdom.” The art is mainly done in the reddish shade of purple leans toward feminine or romantic energies indicating that the owl is a female. She is clearly the main subject of the piece. The male Viking seems to be depicted as a element of her, looking up at her with his mouth open almost as if he sings a song of praise to his goddess. So the fact that when I drew this piece I didn’t have any of this information I am sharing with you is proof that channeling energy will bring forth exactly what it is, beyond any human manipulation. All I am doing is putting the pieces together for you.

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