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Eye of the Tiger

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

We all know that weight lifters or professional boxers don’t start out at the top. Maybe a few child prodigy artist do but I wager most artist’s don’t start out at the top either. It’s a slow build. Day by day, year by year, when no one is looking you build, spending all your time & energy on one goal. When that weight lifter hits a personal goal, what do they do? They flex. They show off all their hard work in one visual moment. This pastel art shown above is my flex moment. When i started this piece, after dabbling in countless medium for years of ’the build’ , I realized that for the first time in my life i had finally found my flow and my style and was cranking out quite a few pieces I was proud to call my own. I felt very strong in my ability & after entire childhood of being shy and feeling very anonymous I was ready to show off a little. The main image you might first see here is the tiger head facing forward with the trees on either side. A tiger alone is a enough of a typical icon of strength and courage for most people. But if you look closer you may see a slightly more abstract sumo wrestler with a flowing beard, flexing his biceps in the dead center of the drawing. Like i have mentioned before, I don’t know what the subject matter of most of my works will be when i start, so that fact that my newfound confidence in my abilities as an artist leaked out of my subconscious on to the page as a literal man flexing his muscles still kind of boggles my mind when i think about it.

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