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How the right color choices can make your life better.

Did you know that McDonalds chose red & yellow as the colors for their logo and restaurant in part because both those colors are proven to make you eat more? Red is used as the color for stopping at a traffic light because it symbolizes danger, & alertness to get you to pay attention.. You may not think to much about how color affects your energy but it plays a huge part in how you interact with your environment & how you feel throughout your day.

It can also reflect to other people how you feel and in turn can affect how they interact with you.

Take a a typical work office environment for example. What color comes to mind? Grey, right? Unless you work for some fun, creative business, I typically think of grey computers, metal office supplies,, grey walls muted carpet or neutral flooring, Overall the total look is grey-ish. Or at least a neutral. Could it be that grey was chosen because the color naturally evokes neutrality, introspection & stillness? What boss wouldn‘t want, focused, emotionally neutral workers all quietly grinding away at their computers? Green has a calming affect due to our association between the color and nature & is why those who work in stressful office environments choose green plants and paintings of nature to put people more at ease. It is also know for being a good color choice for healthier eating habits & is often used in kitchens and organic, natural, healthy option food labels.

So naturally the color choices you make for your home environment are extremely important to how you feel on a daily basis. The art you chose to display is no different. You are not just choosing a painting of a beach because you wish you were there. It’s because of how it makes you feel, and it’s as much about the color as much as, if not more than, the subject matter. For example, an abstract painting with the same flowing lines and calming color palette as a tropical beach scene would have almost identical affects on your energy as an actual picture of a beach because you subconsciously feel peace, hope, healing and patience when you see anything blue like the ocean.

So next time you chose a piece of art for your home remember to consider whether the colors displayed reflect how you want to feel. Here is some basic color theory to help you choose what is right for you.


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