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Love & Loss

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Love, the most universally felt emotion & it’s evil twin Loss. This piece, names after the infamous twins, was more of an accidentally channeling of the emotions of a close friend. We had a habit of holding painting/chatting/tea sipping sessions at my house seeing as she loves to paint also. She was going through a hard relationship at the moment that she felt had slipped through her fingers somehow and of course she was venting to me about it like old friends do. She also at the time was doing a commissioned piece for someone who wanted a painting of two seahorses. Her painting looks nothing like mine of course but all that was in my subconscious i suppose. So when i settled in to do a new painting all that is what came out in the final image you see to the left. The aqua colored seashore on the left feels to have a very feminine energy to me clearly representing my friend. To the right of the painting is a vague almost shadowy figure of a seahorse that i interpret as having come and gone, leaving her alone with just the memory of what was. Whether someone has left you by choice, by your forcing them out or through more unfortunate circumstances of death is up for interpretation by the current viewer. But either way, love and loss is something that something most everyone in the world can relate to and in such circumstances don’t we all need to feel like we aren’t quite as alone as we may feel.

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