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On Location Series: France, Switzerland, Prague & North Carolina

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Whether you prefer sandy beaches where you can relax,, historical buildings to explore or just a quaint cafe to quietly sip something delicious I think everyone has the same question when it’s over. ”How do I take this vacation home with me?” My ”On location series” is not landscape art where I just go to a new city and paint what I see. It’s one of the many experiments I have done in regards to the outcome of my abstract art in channeling the environmental energy from various locations. When I start drawing or painting at any specific location I am not after a specific outcome. I’m just taking in the energy of my current surroundings and putting on paper or canvas was feels in harmony with the feeling of the location. The top drawing in blues and yellows I drew in Atlantic Beach North Carolina. I wasn’t trying to draw waves but that is certainly what came out.

The bottom left piece i drew while on vacation in Annecy France while dining in a local pastry/coffee shop. I had just visited several old cathedrals with ornate stained glass widows. I was also suffering from what I now know was bells palsy at the time. I was scared, far from home & very focused on praying to God & angels for protection & healing.. I created an abstract black and white marker drawing that I would later analyze in the States. The image show above is only a segment of that piece traced out and set aside it’s mirror image for balance. That is when i saw the angel wings and the heart shape in the center, like they were trying to tell me they were in control and everything would turn out okay.

The bottom right drawing I did while visiting Asheville North Carolina. I was in town for a friends wedding & they were off doing wedding preperations so I went to a local restaurant for some quiet lunch and art time. The restaurant was called The Jerusalem Garden Cafe which fits perfectly with the look of the drawing as the flowers definitely do not have a typical American vibe. It’s amazing to even me as the artist that I did not set out to draw flowers or nature or any garden themed images but that is definitely what showed up on the page when I traced out the mirror image of the abstract piece I had done in the cafe.

In November of 2018 I took a vacation with my family for a small tour of Europe. Switzerland, Austria, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic. Shown below is art I had done in Switzerland (3 bottom left images) & Prague (bottom right) You can clearly difference between the two countries represented in each image. The left images have a very soft, flowing almost typically Scandinavian feel often associated with Switzerland. While the right image is much more harsh feel with a very straight, sharp look more typical to Prague.


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