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Spread your Wings & Fly

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Do you ever wish you could relax at home in front of a good movie at the end of the day but at the same time be productive & accomplish something that made you feel better than stuffing your face with snacks until the movie ends? This digital piece took about 2.5 hours. Roughly the length of a (rather long) movie. I forget which one i was watching when I made this art. It was just the type background noise I needed to keep my mind occupied enough to not over think my creative process & get lost in “what is it?”. With my mind occupied just enough, my energy & intuition led the way. It had been a while since I created a piece just for the fun of it. At the time I had been working on writing my first children’s book and also setting up this webpage, which was a first for me & took a whi… Working on several projects at once keeps you from overworking anything too much. It had been an extra long time since I used my old process of creating the way I learned to in my early stages of finding my personal style. In the beginning I didn’t know enough about how energy & intention can influence the outcome so I would just sit down at a blank sheet & do what felt good. What that means is I don‘t look at the empty page and think, “I think I’ll draw a fairy, or a squirrel in a tree. There is no subject matter in my head at the start, only feeling. It was more about the way my hand felt as the pen or brush crossed the page, and whether or not it felt like harmony. My decision at hand wasn’t “what should this look like in the end”, it was, stroke by stroke,” what kind of mark or color feels like it should be next. Literally, line by line, it was hundreds of decision across the course of the whole finished piece. Most of the time, roughly 75% of the work is done before I see the subject of what I have created. With the piece shown above, I did exactly this, with one difference. I set an intention. I thought about how I was going to channel my power, confidence & femininity & hopefully find something on the page at the end that visually represented those qualities. Turned out pretty good I think. And the best part about its is not what it looks like but what it represents for me. I was finally in a place in my life where i felt like i was getting things right. I was no longer letting other people run my life or criticize my choices. Well, they still criticize them but i don’t take them to heart anymore. I felt better in my skin than I had ever felt & was confident & proud to be who i was after a long childhood of feeling inadequate and insecure.That feeling felt fantastic! I couldn’t tell you what it would look like on paper though. That is until i stepped back from this page after 2 hours of drawing to see this fairy, standing confidently, spreading her wings as she mentally prepares to confidently in the direction of her dreams & the light. You have no idea what it feels like to have any strong feeling that you cant quite describe in all it’s detailed complexities and then see that feeling staring back at you in a visual image. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. I can do this with not only my own energy but also the energy of other people, & different locations. Check out my “on location art” for more details about that specifically.

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