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Unfiltered Introductions

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Sorry to start out on a negative note but I hate introductions. When you’re being introduced to someone for the first time you’re not really getting to know anything about them are you? Because what they are presenting to you is the filter. Everyone has one. That version of yourself that you’ve deemed acceptable & safe enough to present to the world. I can’t speak for everyone when i say this but the filter really irritates me. Because does anyone even remember that version they were introduced to 10 years ago? No. Because the filter is just a shield that eventually we drop when we feel safe enough to be known. What underneath the shild/filter is what matters. That’s the good stuff. The personality, the flaws, the hidden talents, the humor, the silliness…. I want that. I am well aware that some people might be pretty scary underneath, hiding things you wouldn’t want to see. But there most certainly is also beauty so vast that you never could’ve imagine it’s existence. It’s the 50/50 chance we take with everything in our lives. Why shouldn’t we risk it to truly see one another too? I think on some level every artist that has ever existed would agree with me when i say, “it’s definitely worth the risk. But with every risk comes fear, right? So what do you do? I don’t have the answer for everyone but i do know that the answer for an artist is to paint. You see, pouring our soul out onto a canvas allows us to be truly seen with out anyone actually looking at us.

However, when looking at a work of art, what may be crystal clear to us as an artist may not be as apparent to the viewer. Thus is the need for a blog. Here i can explain my intentions/process of creating as well as my personal interpretation of the final piece. Although, this is only meant as a guide for you as the viewer. A way to guide you on how to think outside the box as to why you prefer one piece over another and what that might mean about you personally. It, ultimately, doesn’t really matter what the artist interpretation is when it comes to the viewers personal experience is with it. After all, I won’t be there when the art is hanging on your wall at home, will I?

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