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World on Fire

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

I’ve been waiting for a very long time for things in my life to come together and make sense. You know, for the seemingly scattered events to finally connect in a way that means you weren’t actually stumbling around in the dark like it feels like sometimes. This is one of those stumbling moments. This painting to show I mean, I felt lost. After so many years of keeping the sword up & charging ahead through the pain and confusion you just get tired of fighting. You just want help, or at least a little relief. So after i realized that i had painted a world on fire i started in with the little girl who, with all my intention, was letting her balloons go. Metaphorically speaking the balloons were her dreams. Months after finishing this piece i decided to write a one page story to go with it. I guess i was in a little bit better of a headspace when i wrote it because it does add a different twist of hope than i originally intended with the original watercolor. The story is as follows.

She went to the top of the mountain to let all her dreams go. Because hope seemed like a cruel trick of the devil now to her meant only to give her heart a greater height to fall from. But as she was about to let the last one go drifting off into the clouds, God fused her hand to it and that dream gently lifted her away from her pain…. High enough to see things from a new perspective.”

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